Horses are our specialty. In our varied and checkered lives we have ridden hunters and jumpers, dressage, reining and western pleasure. We've bred Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses and operated boarding stables. Now we keep pasture ornaments in our old age.

Horse books, too, are a specialty of ours. We have additional strengths in natural history and poetry. We've collected for years and have had a small shop. We also have select general stock. Now, we sell on the internet where the rents are lower but you can't leaf through the books. You can browse our stock on, however, or search our stock. We sell some books on eBay now and again, and this link will take you to any of our current auctions. We can produce a list of available books if you drop us a note at or using land mail:

L. B. Moore
Hethcote Antiquarian
PMB 504
992 South 4th Ave., Suite 100
Brighton, CO USA


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